The NRIPP was established in 1966 to help Roofers and their families prepare for financial security during their retirement years. As of January 1, 2021, the NRIPP provides benefits to around 8,700 retirees and beneficiaries and has paid out more than $1 billion in benefits. About 14,000 roofing industry employees currently work under contracts covered by the NRIPP.

When it comes to planning your financial future you want to know that you have something you can count on. This is especially true when it comes to your retirement. That’s why the National Roofing Industry Pension Plan (NRIPP) was established. It was created to reward long-term participants with financial security at retirement.

Some of your pension benefits under this multiemployer plan are insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
(PBGC), a federal insurance agency. For more information on the protection provided by the PBGC and the benefits it guarantees, see your Summary Plan Description